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Evan Williams Egg Nog: Best Pricing EVER

Man, I dunno what happened. Every. Single. Year. I buy a pallet (or thereabouts) of Evan Williams Egg Nog. And Every. Single. Year. I run out. This year? Yup, bought a pallet (or thereabouts). Um, yeah. I still have a lot of Egg Nog left.

This is good news for those of you who (like me) love the stuff. We’ve still got plenty of winter coming (though you wouldn’t know it from this week/weekend!). But I’ve gotta start moving through the rest of these bottles. So, whereas you’ll usually see this from $8.99-9.99 on shelves, I’ve dropped our remaining stock to $6.99/bottle to help it move. Come and stock up and save a ton on one of the season’s most popular tipples!

$6.99/750ml bottle on sale!!




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