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THE Gift for Fans of Rombauer Chardonnay

There’s no bottling more famous among fans of the buttery/richly-oaked style of Chardonnay than Rombauer. There may be a million “buttery” Chardonnays out there these days (from $6.99/bottle on up) but Rombauer is the bottle that put the style on the map and got wine drinkers craving this distinctly Californian style of Chardonnay. While we carry the regular bottling (around $40ish) every day, this is an allocated bottling we weren’t even supposed to get initially. However, when other people don’t take their entire allocations, sometimes we get lucky! Check this out!

The winery considers this bottling to be their “pinnacle Chardonnay” and liken it to “an elevated version of [their] Carneros Chardonnay with high acidity and rounded texture but it is made only from the best fruit in Carneros.” Only the best barrels are chosen to become a part of this special cuvee, and it’s only made in exceptional vintages. In fact, the 2021 is only the 15th release in the past 42 years! This spent 9 months in American and French oak (40% new) and will please fans of Rombauer’s traditional oaky style, while providing a bit more balance and depth.

$74.99/bottle on sale (we only received 6 bottles)




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