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A New Imperial Stout from CoMO’s Best Pastry-Stout Producer!

I don’t say that lightly! During COVID, we tried to patronize as many local bars and restaurants via takeout as we could. I remember getting a couple crowlers of different imperial sweet stouts from Broadway Brewery for my wife, as they’re admittedly not really my thing…and being blown away. Here were adjunct-laden imperial stouts modelled on various candy bars that were not only complex and interesting, but not over the top, and…well…delicious! I remember posting something on Facebook back then suggesting that, if these were produced somewhere down in St. Louis by one of the big-name breweries, the price woulda been 2-3 times what Broadway was charging for them!

That being the case, I’m incredibly excited about this one! Check it out. Here’s a locally-produced big baddie of an imperial stout that was aged for between two and three years in Rieger’s whiskey barrels and finished on Madagascar vanilla beans and toasted coconut!

We only received 2 12-pk cases (500ml bottles) and when they’re gone, they’re gone! Looking for a local beer to gift to someone who would love something special from the exciting CoMO beer scene? We’ve got ya covered!

$13.99/500ml bottle




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