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Hy-Vee Exclusive: Corazon Anejo Single Barrel (Aged in an EH Taylor Barrel!)

I’ve been keeping this one hush-hush, kind of biding my time and waiting for the whiskey raffle event to announce this one! This was put on order forever ago, and finally (FINALLY) just came in! Here we’ve got a Hy-Vee exclusive single-barrel anejo tequila from Corazon that was aged in an EH Taylor barrel!

This is one of the more unique anejos I’ve had in a long time. Corazon is a fairly subtle, delicate tequila in general, and being aged in a single (once-used) barrel of EH Taylor has produced really interesting results here. The agave here is very subtle, but the barrel treatment hasn’t produced the huge caramel, toast, vanilla notes you might typically expect.

Something about the interplay of base spirit and barrel here has created an intensely floral tequila, which was really unexpected when you look at it on paper. In fact, I tasted it a few times over different days, just to make sure my initial impressions were correct.

This pours a pale golden hue with fairly good intensity. The nose is delicate, with some fresh-cut white flowers, gentle vanilla toast, and a hint of toast. On the palate the floral qualities are amped up substantially, with something that almost reminds me of violets. Mid palate there’s some spicy oak, vanilla-tinged nougat, and subtle fruit All in all, it’s a very unique anejo, rather unlike anything I’ve had recently.

It’s not my particular style of tequila (I adore big, in-you-face, intense blancos) but it is really interesting. I think that (unlike most anejo tequilas) this could also have some really fun cocktail applications. Looking for a gift for someone who loves EH Taylor and tequila? This would make a perfect gift!

$49.99/bottle with a $.25 Fuel Saver!!




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