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Are You Rrrrrrrrready?? (It’s Almost Bourbon Time!)

Judging by the amount of phone calls I’m fielding on a daily basis regarding this matter, y’all are about as excited about this event as we are! I told a number of you that as soon as I was done with the Tequila Cazadores dinner I’d get on on this, like immediately. Post haste. Without delay. Like right flippin’ now! So it’s time. Over the next couple of days, we’ll be working to get more specific details to you, but for now here’s a broad overview.

  • The event will be from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, December 16th, at Rockbridge Hy-Vee. Ticket sales will be strictly limited from 4-6 p.m., with the raffle/sales following immediately from 6-8 p.m.
  • Each customer will be allowed to purchase up to three (and only three) tickets. Winning tickets reserve the right to choose and purchase a bottle in their given lot (see below).
  • Drawings will be done in “lots”. We’re planning to have five different “lots” (A-E). What you do with your ticket(s) is up to you. If you purchase three tickets, you can put them all in Lot A, or put one in Lot A, one in Lot C, and one in Lot E, etc.
  • The order of choice will reflect the order in which the winning tickets were drawn. For example, the owner of the first winning ticket drawn in Lot A will get his/her/their choice of all of the bottles in that lot, the second winner will get to choose his/her/their pick from the remaining bottles, and so on.
  • You are not required to purchase any bottle. If all the bottles that you are interested in a given lot are sold before your name is drawn, you can simply opt out, or “pass”; however, you will not be able to re-enter that winning ticket in a future lot or transfer your “win” to another lot.
  • You must be 21 years of age to purchase tickets; minors may not purchase tickets.
  • You can be drawn multiple times. I.e., if you purchase three tickets, you could (theoretically) walk out having purchased three different bottles.
  • This should be a fun (and slightly crazy) event, but a ton of work goes into it, from the vendors, from the store staff the night of, and from my good people in W&S. Please be respectful of my people, the store staff, and each other. And. Have. FUN!

Ok, so that’s the fine print (at least as it exists now…everything is technically subject to change)…now let’s get to the fun part! Here’s some of what we’ll have up for grabs that evening…

  • Blanton’s (single bottle purchase)
  • Blanton’s (one complete set with all the lettered toppers)
  • Eagle Rare
  • Angel’s Envy Cask Strength (2021)
  • Angel’s Envy Cask Strength (2022)
  • Willett 9 year (“purple top”)
  • Willett 6 year (“purple top)
  • Willett Wheat (“purple top”)
  • E.H. Taylor Small Batch
  • Heaven Hill 17
  • Blood Oath Pact 8
  • Redbreast 101 Kentucky Oak
  • Red Breast 12-Yr Cask Strength
  • Russell’s 13-Yr
  • Baker’s
  • Widow Jane Decadence
  • Widow Jane Lucky 13
  • Dickel 13-Yr
  • Blackened Rye
  • Stagg Jr.
  • Jack Daniels 10-Yr
  • Weller Special Reserve 750
  • Weller Special Reserve 1.75
  • Old Fitzgerald 17 Year
  • Parkers 11-Yr Wheated
  • Weller CYPB
  • Weller Full-Proof
  • Elijah Craig 18-Yr
  • Dickel/Leopold Brothers 3-Chamber 100-Proof
  • Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel
  • Yamazaki 12-Yr
  • Rieger Monagram 2022
  • Larceny Barrel-Proof C921
  • Larceny Barrel-Proof A122
  • Larceny Barrel-Proof C922
  • Jack Daniels Coy Hill
  • Yellowstone 101
  • Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
  • Wild Turkey Master’s Keep
  • Bookers 2022-03
  • Booker’s 2022-02
  • Lil’ Book Chapter 6 “To the Finish”
  • Elijah Craig Barrel-Proof
  • King’s County Empire Rye
  • J. Magnus Cigar Blend
  • Old Ezra 7-Yr Rye
  • Knob Creek 18-Yr
  • High West Midwinter Night’s Dram
  • Jack Daniels Sinatra
  • Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel-Proof
  • Buffalo Trace Store Pick Single Barrel
  • Stellum Black
  • Stellum Equinox
  • Stellum Fibonacci Blend
  • Jacob’s Pardon
  • Lock, Stock, and Barrel 21-Yr Canadian Rye
  • Henry McKenna 10-Yr
  • Kanosuke 2022 Single-Malt
  • Leopold 3-Chamber Bottled in Bond 2022
  • Whistle Pig 18
  • Boss Hog IX
  • Rebel 10-Yr
  • St. George 40th Anniversary Single-Malt
  • St. George Single-Malt Batch SM022
  • Maker’s Mark BRT-01
  • Maker’s Mark BRT-02
  • Old Granddad 114

You’ll notice the glaring absence of any Pappy/BTAC stuff here…there’s a reason for that. Those bottles have not yet been delivered to us. We’re told that they should be here in time for our event on Friday, but if you know anything about how the supply-chain has been working in Wine and Spirits over the last three months…well…yeah. If the Pappy/BTAC stuff gets here in time, we’ll definitely be putting a good chunk of it into this raffle.

We’ll have a bit more for you on this in the upcoming days, with some breakdowns of some of the more unique/odd bottles on the list so you can pick out your “top 5 picks” before you show up that night, and we’ll let you know if anything else changes as we go along, but this is hopefully enough to get you excited for the event itself.

OH, also!! We’re having a massive wine tasting that evening (absolutely free!) to go along with the drawing (specifics on this to come!) so make sure to bring your wine-loving friends/spouses/significant-others/partners-in-crime along to pick out some fantastic bottles (at fantastic savings!) for the Holidays. We’re even bringing a few vendors we aren’t typically able to get here in person (from Stl, KC, etc) to do sample out some really cool stuff!

More on all of this soon! Hope to see you there!!




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