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We’ve Got Your Matchday Tipple!

It’s another World Cup year, folks, and what does that mean?! It means, of course, that I’m destined to be crushed when England bows out unceremoniously after a disappointing performance. Cos, well, that’s what happens. Though I think Southgate is the man for the job. That said, most of you will probably be cheering for the US, but regardless of who you support, we’ve got a couple of fun futbol-themed beers for you this week, both of which are new!

Main and Mill Matchday IPA-Brewed with a mix of Pilsen, oats, & wheat, this IPA has a pillowy backbone that’s loaded with notes of peaches, stonefruit, and light strawberries from the huge doses of Citra, Mosiac, Strata, & El Dorado hops. 

$10.99/4pk pint cans (on sale)

Carlsberg Lager (Liverpool Edition)-For the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” crowd, Carlsberg lager is finally back in stock and it comes in a new commemorative package. I mean, it’d be a lot cooler if it was, say, UK-brewed Newcastle Brown Ale striped in the black and white of the Magpies, but…this’ll do I guess 🙂

$8.99/4pk 16oz cans




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