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Ardbeg’s Peatiest Malt…EVER!

We received a scant two-bottle allocation of this guy, and one sold before I could even get this email out. Ardbeg’s one-off single-malts have a loyal, dedicated fan-base, even if they can get a little bit pricey and this is likely to be one of their most popular yet!

With phenols at a whopping 170 PPM, this non chill-filtered dram is Ardbeg’s smokiest to date. From the article in Beverage Dynamics quoted below, it seems pretty intense!

“Hypernova turns on the afterburners and hauls our spirit into smoky new depths,” says Colin Gordon, Ardbeg’s Distillery Manager. “Highly experimental, this whisky is peaty and intense, with a taste that’s totally surreal. This spirit is not just a slice of Ardbeg history, it’s a once in a lifetime event . . . not to be missed!”

“This is without a doubt the smokiest Ardbeg ever,” says Ardbeg’s Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation, Dr. Bill Lumsden. “We wanted to really push the boundaries this time and boldly go where Ardbeg has never ventured before. A hypernova is a collapsing star explosion so powerful it threatens the fabric of the galaxy – while I don’t think this whisky will tear a hole in space and time, it’s certainly bursting with fantastically peaty flavor.”

I came across another article that called it “powerful, pungent and almost brutal in its intensity,” and the bottle itself invites the imbiber to “discover fabric-tearingly intense notes of tar, creosote and soot.” Boom.

This is exceedingly rare (it’s not even on the Ardbeg website that I could find) and we’ve actually got it well below MSRP. You know how we roll here! If you (or someone on your Christmas list) are into the really peaty stuff, this is surely a bottle not to be missed!

$174.99 (you save $25.00!) We have one bottle in stock





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