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It’s Black Friday, Y’all!

That means one thing here in the middle of the country…BCBS release day! While we didn’t get any Barleywine (no real surprise there) we did get a really nice array of variants this year, as well as the classic stout and a very limited amount of 4pk, 12oz bottles with a really cool throwback packaging for those of us codgers who remember this beer from way back in the day! Here’s what we’ve got…

2022 Bourbon County Brand Stout 500ml-The classic, the original, the stalwart. This clocks in this year at 14.3% abv.

$12.99/bottle on sale

2022 Bourbon County Brand Stout 4pk-The original BCBS, but in a cool old-school package (4pk, 12oz bottle) with a really cool throwback label.

$35.99/4pk bottles

2022 Bourbon County Coffee 500ml-Made with Intelligentsia Burundi Turihamwe Coffee Beans.


2022 Bourbon County Biscotti 500ml-At Goose Island, we believe ideas and inspiration can come from anyone in the Goose family, and our Biscotti Stout is a perfect example that came from our very own HR team. Inspired by the Italian desserts of her childhood, Jill Cerone, People Manager at Goose Island, dreamed up this variant after grabbing a box of chocolate-dipped biscotti from her cabinet. Working with the brewing team, Jill brought the flavor to life with notes of anise, marzipan, cocoa, and buttered toffee. The biscotti enhances flavors already found in our Bourbon County Stout and adds strong notes of nostalgia from your Italian grandma’s kitchen. One sip and you’ll be reminded of pizzelle cookies, Easter Pane di Pasqua and, of course, almond biscotti. 


2022 Bourbon County Sir Isaac 500ml-For years, brewers at Goose Island have brainstormed ways to incorporate figs in Bourbon County Stout, but faced a daunting task due to their subtle flavor. After fresh thinking from members of the Goose Island E-commerce team, Melissa Alleguez and Ryan Hubona crafted a recipe inspired by Melissa’s childhood memories of stealing fig cookies out of her grandma’s cookie jar during her summers on Lake Michigan. And thus, the fig cookie and graham cracker-inspired Sir Isaac’s Stout was created. Highlighting the dried fried profiles extracted from the bourbon in the barrels, our brewers used Black Mission figs (10,000 pounds of them, to be specific) to create this variant resulting in characteristics of dried fruit, honey, molasses, and citrus, all reminiscent of the classic fig cookie sold on shelves today.


We’re limiting variants to one each per person today (all bets are off tomorrow), with the ‘standard’ BCBS being wide open. Please. Buy them all and make them go away, I need to make room for Christmas stuff 🙂 We’ll be releasing these at 8 a.m. (not before) and it’s first-come, first-served! Good luck!!




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