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Blackest of Black Friday Deals…Bedlam Vodka from Jason Derulo!!

This was one of those things that we received a massive corporate buy-in on and…frankly…we need the space for other things, as it’s more whiskey/rum/brandy season now than vodka season.

From Jason Derulo comes Bedlam, a vodka distilled (a bit unusually) from rice, rather than corn, wheat, or rye. Let’s be honest…it’s vodka. It’s a bit unique, with a hint of graininess that’s absent from many wheat-based vodkas especially, but it’s clean and there’s a very light citrus pop to it. Derulo’s (and Bedlam’s) main point with this product was to make a less harsh vodka, to remove some of the burn and make a ‘smoother’ spirit. To be fair, they were fairly successful in this…it’s a pretty mellow, mild spirit. The graininess will appeal to some, and throw others off but to be fair, once you mix it, you’re not likely to notice one way or another. For $5.00/bottle on closeout (regular price is $20.99!!!!) you won’t find a better deal on a vodka for your Bloody Mary or Moscow Mule!! We even have two different, unique packages to pick from! Come help us close this out so we can move onto other things! At this price, why not buy it by the case!!

$5.00/bottle closeout (regularly $20.99!!)




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