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Wicked-Cool Whiskey Wednesday!!

Thanks to my boy Jake over at Southern Glazers for really hooking us up today!! This was a phenomenal surprise today, right before the Holiday! We’re holding some of ’em for our Whiskey and Wishes event on December 16th, but I’m putting out 3 bottles of each for sale TODAY ONLY! If they’re still here at the end of the day, they’ll go into the drawing in December!! Check these guys out, there’s some really good stuff here!

Old Ezra 7yr Straight Rye Whiskey-Bottled at full proof (114!!) this is a punch in the mouth. Distilled in Indiana (MGP), this is a blend of two different rye mashbills (95% rye and 51% rye) and has everything you could want in a full-bodied, full-proof rye whiskey. MPG is sorta the undisputed master of rye, so I can’t wait to taste this! We’ve got it at MSRP!!


Rebel 10yr Single Barrel Kentucy Straight Bourbon-Produced from a mashbill of corn, wheat, and malt, this 10-year bourbon is bottled at an even 100-proof. Distilled and aged in Kentucky (no MPG in here yet!).


As I was typing this, we had a couple customers come through and see these bottles on the counter, and now I’m down to 2 of each for sale today. Come on down and snag ’em!!



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