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Holy Stout Day, Batman!

Today we got spoiled in a major way. Like, super crazy goodness showed up. Expensive goodness, yes, but some really, really cool stuff! Check it out!

Perennial Abraxas and Salted Chocolate Abraxas-I’ve gotta admit…of the “big name”, “gotta have ’em” stouts, Abraxas is one of only two that has really measured up to the hype, in my opinion. I’m not even typically a fan of “mole” stouts in general, or (most) beers with chili peppers in them, but this beer is justsogood. Rich, without being too heavy, immensely complex, and with just the right amount of heat coming through. I can only imagine what the salted chocolate (a new variant) is like!

Perennial Abraxas $24.99/750ml on sale (we have 5 cases)

Perennial Abraxas (Salted Chocolate) $27.99/750ml on sale (we have 1 case)

Yeti Holiday Sampler Pack-How good does this sound? The S’mores, Peppermint Bark, an Espresso variants are pretty self-explanatory (and sound delicious!). The “Big Yeti” is a re-brew of their 2019 25th anniversary “Big Yeti” and packs an even bigger whallop than the standard Yeti.

$24.99/12-pack 12oz cans

Prairie Artisan Ales Drop-Take a look at that! There’s a whole lotta barrel-aged stout goodness. Thanks to Katie at Craft Republic for hooking us up this week…we got 12-packs (12oz) on three of these, but the others are extremely limited (a couple we only got two bottles each)! The bottles aren’t cheap, but they should be worth the indulgence!

$12.99/each 12oz bottle

Prairie Artisan Ales Vanilla Noir-Vanilla Noir is Prairie Noir aged on organic, fair trade vanilla beans, and let’s just say it takes a lot of beans! The vanilla flavor compliments the whiskey barrel aging process and adds a delicious layer to the beer.

Prairie Artisan Ales Chocolate Noir-Barrel-aged imperial stout with cacao nibs and vanilla.

Prairie Artisan Ales Tahitian Noir-Barrel-aged imperial stout with Tahitian vanilla.

Prairie Artisan Ales Double Noir-Barrel aged stout with Madagascar vanilla and Tahitian vanilla.

Prairie Artisan Ales Mo Peanuts Mo Problems-Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Peanut Butter Crème Filled Cookies, Crunchy Wafers layered with Peanut Butter Crème covered in Fudge, and Toasted Marshmallow Flavor.

Prairie Artisan Ales Super Pistache Bros-Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Pistachios, Dark Chocolate, Marzipan, and Hazelnut Roasted Coffee.

Prairie Artisan Ales This is the Way-Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Dark Chocolate Creme Filled Cookies, Toasted Coconut, Toasted Marshmallow, and Toasted Almonds

We’ve got a limited amount of these, and won’t be able to get any more this season. Pick up a bottle or two for yourself or a friend/family member…they make awesome stocking stuffers for the beer geeks in your life!




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