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INSANE Wine Closeouts!

We’re down to just a few cases of each of these, and it’s no wonder! In a world where everything is costing more, we’ve got a sweetheart of a deal for you on a couple of closeouts from Southern Glazers! Check this out!

We’ve got three cases left of Chateau St. Jean’s Brut Cuvee sparkling wine (regularly $14.99, on clearance for $4.99/bottle!) and about five cases of 2020 Lindeman’s “Bin 50” Australian Shiraz at a stunning $2.99/bottle (regular, non-sale price is $8.49)!

We don’t have these set to the shelves, but have a couple of small side-stacks left here in Wine and Spirits!

Grab some bottles of the bubbly for your mimosas this Game Day weekend, and grab a case (only $36.00 before tax…what?!?!) of the Shiraz for an easy-drinking, “don’t feel bad for popping it open on a Monday” bottle. This is the last we have of both of these, and desperately need to move it out to make space for more Holiday stuff, so snag it while you can!!

Lindemans Shiraz $2.99/bottle (regular price is $8.49)

Chateau St. Jean Brut Cuvee $4.99/bottle (regular price is $14.99)




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