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Absolutely STUNNING Single-Barrel Tequila (Hy-Vee Barrel Pick!)

First of all, I have to say: I am not a reposado drinker. I love, love, LOVE a good blanco, and even dabble (in a very limited way) with a few extra-anejo tequilas. If you’ve ever had Rejon, you know what I’m talking about…maybe the best value in extra-anejo that’s available at $45.00. But reposado…it usually doesn’t do it for me. The wood is often too aggressive, too tannic, the flavors not properly melded, and the beauty of the agave is too often lost. So when I say this is good stuff…I admit I had to eat my (initial) words.

This was hand-picked for us here at Hy-Vee and was aged for a full 10 months (two months longer than their ‘standard’ reposado. It also comes from a single cask, which is pretty cool, and not particularly common in the tequila world (at least yet). That means, of course, that there’s going to be subtle (or not-so-subtle) variation between barrels. However, we scored a killer one.

I also love that this is bottled just above proof and, here, I feel they hit the sweet spot perfectly. It’s got power, but isn’t harsh or hot. It pours a (very) pale yellow hue, with brilliant clarity. The nose is creamy and soft, gently herbal, with sweet cooked agave. It’s very pretty, and really rather elegant. The palate is bight, herbal, fresh, and peppery, mixing attractive earthy tones with subtle toasty wood and a nice, clean mineral streak on the finish. The interplay between agave, fruit, wood, herb, and mineral is complex and just plain tasty. I’m not a repo drinker (or a ‘big brand’ tequila drinker) but this is really rather striking. We’ve got a sample bottle here at the counter too, so why not come and try it out for yourself? Oh, and we’ve got a killer deal on it!

$74.99/bottle with a whopping $.75 Fuel Saver…going somewhere for the Holiday? Why not fill up your tank?!




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