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Now THIS is a Proper Beer Advent Calendar!!

So, so excited to score a few of these for y’all! We owe a huge thank you here to Mike Chappell over at Nauser Beverage and Jürgen Hager at KC Bier Company for hooking us up with what is a very limited-edition engagement this season, and something that is sure to make that beer-lover on your list smile this season!

Unlike a lot of beer-calendars you might get at big-box stores which can have a broad range of quality in their offerings (from pretty darn tasty to…well…not at all tasty), you know exactly what you’ll be getting from our friends at KC Bier Company, who make authentic, German-style, decocted ales and lagers right here in Missouri. Their beers taste Bavarian biergarten authentic, but with a freshness you simply cannot get from most imported examples.

This Advent Calendar is a full 24-bottle case, with 12 different varieties ranging from their everyday staples to a variety of seasonals and a couple very special brewery-only offerings. We only received 10 of these boxes, and they’re sure to be a huge hit this year, as KC Bier is becoming something of a fan-favorite here at Rockbridge (I’d like to think I have had a little bit to do with that…these guys just do fantastic work!). Grab a box while you can!

$60.00/case with a $.25 Fuel-Saver




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