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Glühwein is Here (And We’ve Got a Great Variety This Year!)

So glad to see these guys back in stock for the season, and just in time for tomorrow, when we’re supposed to see a massive drop in temperature! Glühwein is a classic seasonal German specialty that’s basically mulled (i.e. spiced and warmed) sweetened wine that’s absolutely guaranteed to warm you up on a cold or snowy evening. Gently warm these wines (do not boil) and garnish with a cinnamon stick or clove-studded-orange slices or, if you prefer, serve chilled over ice!

This year, we have our classic that we always bring in (St. Christopher), along with one that was brand-new to us last year (and sold incredibly well!). The Wäldertau brand comes from one of our smallest (and hands-down most reliable, man they have some good stuff!) vendors, and y’all immediately latched on to both their classic Glühwein and spiced apple varieties last season.

But that’s not all! This season, we also have a small amount of both blueberry and cherry Glühwein from St. Christopher as well!

These are all priced right ($8.99-$10.49) per liter bottle, and ready to go. Just heat (or don’t!) and serve!





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