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Breakfast of Champions!!

Not that I condone or encourage day-drinking, shenanigans, or other tomfoolery, but hey, hanging out on Saturday morning watching some rad cartoons and having some…er…breakfast…beers (Is that a thing? I feel like that shouldn’t be a thing…) would be fun. Relive a bit one’s childhood but just a bit more grown up! I haven’t gotten to try these yet (they just came in yesterday) but if the quality level of last year’s ‘Girl Scout Cookie’ riff pack was any indication, these are going to be delicious!!

Dude. They literally picked three of my favorite breakfast cereals ever. If they had just done a ‘Smacks’ stout I’d of had to buy a pallet! At any rate, we scored 25 cs of these packs and when they’re gone, they’re gone! Come check ’em out!

$23.99/9pk 16oz cans




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