Reminder For Tonight: Bourbon Tasting in Our Club Room!!

Just a quick reminder, the tasting girls should be getting here in the next 40 minutes or so, and we’ll be hosting a free bourbon tasting up in our Club Room tonight from 4-7 p.m.!! Here’s just a bit of what we’ll have for tonight!

Remember, the event’s upstairs in our club room (take a couple of hard lefts as soon as you come in the main entrance and take the stairs or the elevator up to the second floor!) and all the whiskies/cocktails we’re sampling tonight have been put on a promotion for 15% off tonight only, which is even better than our Whiskey Wednesday pricing! Come join us, and have a fantastic weekend!

**Please note: this is not a ‘scheduled’ event. Come and go as you like…it’s just like we were doing an event outside, but the weather’s crummy so inside it is!!”



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