Some Bourbon Goodies…

Let’s sell some bourbon! I was originally going to do a straight drawing for these, but we already had allocated wines coming in today, are trying to prep for our bourbon tasting event tomorrow night, and have a heavy delivery day today, so……we’re just going to do a little first-come, first-served bourbon release. It’s not my ideal way to do this, but I’ve had several of y’all asking if we could do one soon, and I finally have a few allocations to work with! Here’s what we have…

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit-(5 bottles available)

Stellum “Black” Bourbon-(1 bottle available)

Stellum “Black” Equinox Bourbon-(1 bottle available)

Stellum “Fibonacci Blend #1” Rye-(1 bottle available)

J. Magnus “Triple-Cask Finish” Bourbon-(3 bottles available)

J. Magnus “Murray Hill Club” Bourbon-(3 bottles available)

Weller “Special Reserve” 1.75L-(6 bottles available)

Sazerac Rye 6yr-(3 bottles available)

Buffalo Trace-(12 bottles available)

Now, the fine print. As usual, these will be first-come, first-served, limit one bottle total. Thanks so much, and happy hunting!!



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